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Kooch by Carolina-Eade Kooch by Carolina-Eade
World creation according to the Tehuelches

The leyend in English, translated by me (with help of a translator page ;P)
The leyend is in this blog (spanish) [link]

Kooch always existed; he had neither birth or beginning. He was like the air. Nobody could touch him; no other one existed to see him... neither to touch him...

From the beginning of the world, Kooch was surrounded by glooms.
Since he was living alone and surrounded of glooms, he could not see anything... and this situation saddened him in such a way that he began to cry for a long time :( with a deep and endless weeping.
From the tears that were appearing of his eyes, the primitive sea was formed.
"ARROK", the first element of the nature, where one began to prepare the life to populate the future world.
When he warned that the water sprouted of his eyes was continuing in constant increase, he stopped crying and started a deep sigh. This sigh originated the wind, that removing the obscure mists, gave place to the birth of the clarity, so he was glad, waking up and awakening his longing for continuing creating the remaining elements that would form the world.
He created everything alive, even the stones have a way of living. Kooch had created the sea with his tears and had removed the glooms around him, but in the distance they were continuing and it was preventing him from seeing the world.
Suddenly he lifted his hand realizing a rapid movement with which he tore the darkness of the one that sprouted a great spark, which continued the draft of his hand, managing to remove the glooms. He could then see the wonderful world lit by that spark, to which he called Xaleshen (Sun).
Created the three elements of the space, the Wind, the Light and the Clouds, KOOCH made arise from the bosom of the primitive sea a very big island on which he created the perishable life, that is to say: the birds, the animals, the insects and the fish. In order to admire the KOOCH's wonderful work, the Sun was sending light and heat; the Clouds were taking the beneficial rain and the Wind he was taking charge sowing the seeds of the pastures.

The life was working in pacific form in the island of the Tehuelche's cosmology , until there appeared the giants, monstrous and perverse beings. He was at the time that the village people emigrated to the Patagonia.

I'm very tired right now, so...sorry for the grammar! But it's understandable....I think...

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EmaCamU Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009
you sohuld put his legend to people meet him.
Suspithra Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Ooh.. beautiful!
CearaFinn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008  Professional General Artist
This wonderful image has been featured here [link]
:wave: Lauren
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Hi! You've been featured at [link] :).
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woooo I love ittt!!! me encanta esa honda apastelada que te deja como durmiendo..... y esos enfasis en algunas zonas del dibujo para captar la atencion del fucking espectador... una estrategia admirable... hey tu juegas con los ojos del que aprecia estoo haha eso y saludos!
Geodessia Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Thats really nice. I've never heard of that creation myth.
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